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Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment

ACBSP understands the importance placed on outcomes assessment from external stakeholders which is why student learning outcomes assessment is a threshold standard for ACBSP accreditation. ACBSP is recognized as a leader in the area of assessing student-learning outcomes. Good examples and guidance can be found in Standard #4 of the ACBSP Standards and Criteria books as well as the ACBSP Quality Assurance Report templates. These links provide you with world-class information on the subject of student learning outcomes assessment from external sources.

Keep in mind there are other important outcomes assessments conducted in addition to student learning such as:

  • Operational key performance indicators
    • Graduation Rates
    • Retention Rates
    • Enrollment
    • Etc.
  • Stakeholder satisfaction
    • Student satisfaction
    • Alumni satisfaction
    • Etc.
  • Faculty and staff focus
    • Professional development
    • Scholarly activity
    • Faculty qualifications
    • Etc.
  • Support key performance indicators
    • Computer support
    • Library research support
    • Administrative support
    • Etc.