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Committees: Digital Media Communications
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Purpose of the Committee

The Digital Media Communications Committee recommends policies and actions leading to a digital presence for ACBSP through its Web site and social media activity. This includes any new media offered by ACBSP or ACBSP members.

History of the Committee

The Digital Media Communications Committee was initially known as the New Media Committee in 2011, when members of the Marketing Committee began to see a growing need for ACBSP to develop a strong social media presence and create a new committee to lead that effort. ACBSP was also in the early stages of developing a new Web site at that time and needed input from members with experience in this area to make sure the new site was easy to navigate and featured relevant content for current and prospective members, students, the business community, and the media.

With approval from the Board of Directors, a meeting was held during the 2011 ACBSP Annual Conference for members who might be interested in serving on this new committee. Scott Freehafer (The University of Findlay) had presented a session during the 2010 Annual Conference on faculty social media engagement, specifically utilizing LinkedIn. He agreed to chair the New Media Committee. John Camey (Cameron University), Doug Gilbert (University of the Rockies), and other ACBSP members who were early users of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter also agreed to serve.

The Committee played an important role in planning landing pages and navigation for the ACBSP Web site, which launched in August 2013. They also created the Resource Library which houses ACBSP publications, scholarly journals, a video collection, podcasts, and Best of Regions presentations.

In 2013, the Committee decided that the name “New Media” no longer represented their work, since digital technologies were no longer “new.” The Board of Directors approved a name change to Digital Media Communications Committee. In December 2013, a new staff position, Digital Content Specialist, was added to further develop ACBSP social media, Web, and digital strategies.

Committee Projects

The ACBSP website is an ongoing project for the Committee, as members review the site and suggest enhancements. A Twitter handle @ACBSPaccredited has been launched. The #ACBSPTurns25 campaign began in January 2014 and ran through the 2014 ACBSP Annual Conference in Chicago. Members were encouraged to tweet their congratulations, a memory, or photo. Event Twitter feeds were also planned for the Conference #ACBSPinChicago and upcoming regional meetings.

This Committee will take an active role moving forward as part of ACBSP’s Twitter Team and will be active influencers on all ACBSP social media channels, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Committee members have been asked to consider starting a blog, in an effort to establish ACBSP members as thought leaders in their area of expertise. Social media strategies and enhancements to the Web site will have a direct impact on building awareness of the ACBSP brand. The ACBSP Marketing and Communications staff have started measuring traffic to the Web site through Google Analytics and will also measure engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and evaluate results to further strengthen ACBSP marketing efforts.

Your Pathway to Involvement

The Committee welcomes members who are engaged in social media and willing to help shape social content strategies for ACBSP. Members are encouraged to take an active role in posting to ACBSP social media sites and recommending that colleagues connect with ACBSP. Members must be willing to participate in regularly scheduled conference calls throughout the year.

Group Feed
wrote on the Committees: Digital Media Communications wall: My informal analysis of the faculty at TMC: 1) Most faculty are either uninterested or do not know of the benefits of utilizing the site. they rely on the Champions ot relay information to the faculty on issues pertaining to accreditation. 2) Since we have such limited funds, few faculty have utilized any of the conferences of ACBSP. 3) Currently, only the Champion, Chair and Assoc. Chair have an active role in accreditation issues such as reporting etc. 4) We have had one faculty member present at a conference.
Posted Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Maliha Khan posted a new topic in the New Ideas & Strategies forum in the group Committees: Digital Media Communications.
Posted Monday, February 27, 2017
Maliha Khan posted a new topic in the New Ideas & Strategies forum in the group Committees: Digital Media Communications.
Posted Monday, February 27, 2017
wrote on the Committees: Digital Media Communications wall: Hello! Hope everyone had a great holiday break. Happy new year! I'm still having a hard time writing the date. Anyone else? Speaking of dates, I just wanted to let everyone know that our next committee call will be on February 2. Please mark your calendars. I will send out a meeting invite soon.
Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Maliha Khan wrote on the Committees: Digital Media Communications wall: If the link doesn't work for you, please click on "Group Pages" on the menu at the top, then click on "DMC Agendas & Minutes."
Posted Friday, July 10, 2015
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Board Liaison
Kim Wong
Jeffrey P. Lineman
Stacey Bolin
Lawrence Byerly
Scott Freehafer
David Gurzick
William F. Spear
Lucie Vnouckova
Strategic Planning Committee Liaison
Dennis Brode

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