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Committees: Member Relations

Purpose of the Committee

The Member Relations Committee assesses the needs of member institutions; develops proposals for member services and benefits in response to those needs; focuses on issues which impact retention of member institutions; promotes active involvement by current members; and evaluates, on an ongoing basis, the member services provided.

History of the Committee

The first meeting of the Board of Directors on May 12, 1988, suggested the formation of a Member Services Committee. In January 1991, it was reported that Committee had projects underway to include plans of forming regional councils and focusing on outcomes assessment services and workshops.

Surveys have a long history with this Committee with surveys in the early years being conducted at the Annual Conference. Proposed initiatives over the years included creating a Student Investment Society, securing funding for the Teaching Excellence Award, and urging each region to create member service committees. In 1998, the Committee proposed the development of a scholarly journal to be published by a member school. From 2004-2006, advising on the creation of a Web site for ACBSP became the priority of the Committee.

In 2009, the name of the Committee was changed to Member Relations Committee, since a large group of committees were now being referred to as the “Member Services Committees.”

Committee Projects

The Member Relations Committee is primarily responsible for ensuring that the needs of ACBSP members are met. To fulfill that purpose, the Committee conducts two surveys on a rotating basis.

The Salary Survey is generally administered during the fall of odd-numbered years. The survey results supply data to ACBSP members about business faculty and administrative salaries to provide comparison data with similar institutions. The results of the salary surveyare available to all ACBSP members.

The Member Services Survey is administered in the fall of even-numbered years. The focus of this survey is to examine the benefit of ACBSP membership to our members with the goal of making ACBSP membership useful to individual members at ACBSP member campuses. Results of previous surveys have led to changes to the Web site and have generated resources such as this Pathways to Involvement Kit. Other projects undertaken by the Committee include finding ways to document the value of being accredited and reviewing the results of surveys taken following the Annual Conference.

Your Pathway to Involvement

The Committee welcomes members who are interested in improving the experience of individual members at member campuses. The Committee aims to create a community of professional educators who use the resources provided by ACBSP to improve their teaching, research, and institutional resources. The Committee typically has three to five conference calls during the year. The calls are arranged in advance at a time convenient for all participants. A meeting is also held at the ACBSP Annual Conference. Member tasks usually involve support for the survey activities.

Committee work revolves around generation of the surveys, interpretation of the results, and dissemination of the results to pertinent committees and ACBSP membership. It is also in the purview of the Committee to ensure that committees act on results shared. Action plans are generally developed and shared with other committees as appropriate.

Board Liaison
Betsy Davis
Jeffrey M. Buck
Phil Brown
John F. Dumont
Brenda G. Johnson
C.M. Mickey Metcalf
Phu T. Nguyen
Deborah A. Toomey
Julio Toy
Staff Liaison
Carmen Hayes
Strategic Planning Committee Liaison
Idalene R. Williams
Dennis Sullivan

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