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Committees: Global Business Education

Purpose of the Committee

The Global Business Education (GBE) Committee advises the Board on the advancement of the global purposes of ACBSP and its member institutions. This includes, but is not limited to, developing a database for use by the membership, designing and communicating opportunities for member institutions in global activities, promoting ACBSP to global constituencies, and providing information and exchange opportunities at the Annual Conference.

History of the Committee

Over the years, the role of GBE has changed, more in form than substance. Its earlier years emphasized travel abroad information for students and faculty. GBE sought “best practices” from those who had experiences taking students abroad. It provided contact information for faculty who planned study abroad, including information of experienced U.S. faculty and foreign collegiate contacts. A 2007 survey of ACBSP members showed their interest in travel overseas, international studies, and trip funding and coordination. Many member schools did not have much experience with international students or with student exchange programs. Frequently, international prospects for students were reserved for large research institutions with ample student numbers and financial commitments to support these programmatic efforts. Student and faculty exchanges did not occur in smaller colleges and community colleges. ACBSP, through the GBE, sought to fill this void, and has done so successfully.

In 2009, the ACBSP Conference theme was “Celebrating Global Diversity.” ACBSP established strategic objectives with two components: (1) strategic alliances and partnerships, and (2) expanding membership to Canada and other countries. GBE joined the Marketing Committee and the Executive Director as the parties responsible for these strategic initiatives. The first objective called for “exploratory activities into regions not currently a part of other plans, such as India, Africa and Brazil.” GBE sought presentations for the Conference that would discuss innovative ways for business education to be presented inside and outside of the classroom that would prepare students for conducting global business activities. This changed the focus and responsibilities of the GBE Committee.

Committee Projects

GBE reaches out to colleges and universities overseas to further collaborative education, research, and business practices. GBE continues to deliver Global Business Forums via Information Exchange. It coordinates conference calls with members of the Committee from as disparate areas as India, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions of the world. It reviews presentations for the Annual Conference for the Global Business Education track. Often these presentations bring together faculty and students from one part of the world to collaborate with others in a different part of the world to offer unique areas of specialty. GBE also seeks ways to provide consulting research to domestic businesses operating in other countries. Finally, it advances the exchange of ideas and information exchange with faculty in all corners of the world.

Your Pathway to Involvement

Membership in GBE is by regional representation. Interested faculty who wish to join the Committee would do so by volunteering at the regional meetings when the term of a current representative expires. Any faculty member who is interested in global education or in student exposure to the global environment is welcome. Even if a faculty member does not represent a region, he/she is still welcome to attend the GBE meetings during the ACBSP Annual Conference

Board Liaison
Ronald Galloway
Fatemeh (Fara) Zakery
Justin Bateh
Kristina L. Collins
Samuel Dunn
Freddy Kirschstein
Alex Manus
Omar Alonso Patino Castro Sr.
Pramod P. Thevannoor
Staff Liaison
Jeffrey Alderman
Strategic Planning Committee Liaison
Helen Vallee
Behnaz Z. Quigley

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