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2014 Annual Conference - Preliminary Schedule

2014 Annual Conference Information
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Mentor/Evaluator Training8:00 AM5:00 PM
Conference Registration Open 12:00 PM7:00 PM
Leadership Institute1:00 PM5:00 PM
Board of Directors1:00PM3:00PM
Council of Regional Presidents3:00PM6:00PM
Associate Degree Board of Commissioners3:00 PM4:30 PM
Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Board of Commissioners4:30 PM6:00 PM
Conference Registration Open 7:00 AM5:00 PM
ACBSP Resource Center7:00 AM5:00 PM
Mentor/Evaluator Training8:00 AM11:30 AM
Pre-Conference Workshop8:00 AM11:30 AM
Leadership Institute8:00 AM11:30 AM
Strategic Planning Committee8:00 AM11:30 AM
First Time Attendee Orientation10:30 AM11:30 AM
International Information Exchange Open11:00 AM5:00 PM
Opening Luncheon12:00 PM1:30 PM
Exhibits Open2:00 PM5:00 PM
Break with Beverages2:30 PM3:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions3:00 PM3:45 PM
Committee Meeting--Articulation3:00 PM4:00 PM
Break with Dessert3:45 PM4:15 PM
Regional Meetings4:15 PM5:30 PM
First Time Attendee Orientation5:30 PM6:30 PM
Committee Chair and Vice-Chair Networking Dinner (invitation only)6:00 PM8:30 PM
Networking Reception/Dinner-- Aspiring Deans & New Deans6:30 PM8:30 PM
Welcoming Reception 8:00 PM10:00 PM
Conference Registration Open7:00 AM5:00 PM
ACBSP Resource Center7:00 AM5:00 PM
Exhibits Open7:00 AM4:00 PM
International Information Exchange Open7:00 AM4:30 PM
Breakfast7:00 AM7:45 AM
Concurrent Sessions8:00 AM8:45 AM
Committee Meeting--Bylaws8:00 AM8:45 AM
Break with Beverages8:45 AM9:15 AM
Concurrent Sessions9:15 AM10:00 AM
Committee Meeting--Global Business Education9:15 AM10:15 AM
Break with Beverages10:00 AM10:30 AM
Concurrent Sessions10:30 AM12:00 PM
Thought Leader Session---Business Advisory Councils Panel10:30 AM12:00 PM
Committee Meeting--Marketing/New Media10:30 AM12:00 PM
Keynote Luncheon12:30 PM2:00 PM
Break with Beverages2:00 PM2:30 PM
Concurrent Sessions2:30 PM3:15 PM
Committee Meeting--Member Services2:30 PM3:30 PM
Break with Dessert3:15 PM3:45 PM
Associate Degree Commission3:45 PM5:00 PM
Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Commission3:45 PM5:00 PM
Networking Reception/Dinner- Business Advisory Boards6:30 PM8:30 PM
Conference Registration Open7:00 AM3:00 PM
ACBSP Resource Center7:00 AM3:00 PM
Exhibits Open7:00 AM1:00 PM
International Information Exchange Open7:00 AM1:00 PM
Breakfast7:00 AM7:45 AM
Accreditation Breakfast (by invitation only)7:45 AM9:00 AM
Concurrent Sessions8:00 AM8:45 AM
Committee Meeting---Scholar-Practitioner Publications8:00 AM9:00 AM
Break with Beverages8:45 AM9:15 AM
Concurrent Sessions9:15 AM10:00 AM
Concurrent Session---Delta Mu Delta 9:15 AM10:00 AM
Concurrent Session---One-on-One Sessions9:15 AM10:00 AM
Committee Meeting--Business Industry Relations9:15 AM10:15 AM
Break with Beverages10:00 AM10:30 AM
Concurrent Sessions10:30 AM12:00 PM
Thought Leader Session - 25 Years & Moving Forward10:30 AM12:00 PM
Concurrent Session---Kappa Beta Delta10:30 AM11:15 AM
Concurrent Session---Sigma Beta Delta11:15 AM12:00 PM
Concurrent Session---One-on-One Sessions10:30 AM12:00 PM
Committee Meeting10:30 AM12:00 PM
Salute to Regions Luncheon12:30 PM2:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions2:15 PM3:00 PM
Committee Meeting--International Teaching Excellence Award2:15 PM3:00 PM
Annual Business Meeting3:00 PM4:00 PM
Accreditation Photos4:00 PM6:30 PM
Accreditation Banquet Reception & Banquet6:30 PM9:00 PM
Closing Breakfast7:30 AM8:30 AM
Trending Topics Panel8:30 AM10:00 AM
Associate Degree Board of Commissioners10:30 AM11:30 AM
Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Board of Commissioners11:30 AM1:00 PM
Board of Directors1:00 PM5:00 PM
  • The Alliance for Performance Excellence
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Campus Labs
  • Capsim
  • CarringtonCrisp
  • Cengage Learning
  • CHEA International Quality Group
  • Chinese Management Association
  • Edevate
  • Eduvantis
  • ETS
  • Enactus
  • Global Academy of Financial Management International Board of Standards
  • Institute of Management Accountants
  • Interpretive Simulations
  • Keystone Academic Solutions
  • Latin American Council of Management Schools
  • Midstates Group
  • Peregrine Academic Services
  • PlanningShop
  • Project Management Institute
  • Skyfactor
  • PRME - Principles for Responsible Management Education
  • Worldstrides