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Faculty & Staff Informal Audit
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2/27/2017 at 5:05:55 PM GMT
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Faculty & Staff Informal Audit
Please report your findings of the informal audit you were to conduct with the faculty & staff in your business department. Thank you!

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3/7/2017 at 6:06:39 PM GMT
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NNU has eight faculty members (two retired) and one staff member with ACBSP profiles.

There are four more faculty members and two staff members that do not have ACBSP profiles.

Six of the current faculty members have attended Regional and/or Annual conferences, with four serving as mentors and/or evaluators.

Two of the current faculty members have been Commissioners.

Those that do not have profiles articulated that if they have ACBSP questions, they ask one of faculty members with ACBSP experience rather than heading to the website. They understand the basics of accreditation and simply choose not to focus on more detailed information.

If there were more specific content directed toward their field of expertise, such as teaching resources, tools, simulations, etc., then they would be more inclined to explore the website.

As stated previously, I see about four general groups for which we need to focus our website and social media efforts; 1) prospective schools/individuals (the basics of what ACBSP is all about and how it will benefit them), 2) new members (information about process and getting to fully understand all the ACBSP has to offer), 3) Established members that are activity involved (committee access, mentor details, updates on evaluator issues, regional information, etc., etc.), and 4) Established members that are not active (those at member school which defer to the ACBSP champions, etc.).

We may be about to gain more participation for this last group, but it may be the 80/20 rule and not worth spending a massive amount of time or effort on at this point.


3/13/2017 at 5:44:14 PM GMT
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