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ACBSP Alumni

In discussions leading up to creating a formal process and a specific statement of benefits, there was a stated desire to create a status for recognition of individuals that may not have reached the requirements for Emeritus Membership but are deserving of recognition as they retire or as they take positions where they are no longer engaged in the practice of delivery of management education. This lead to the creation of a new category of recognition, Alumni Status. The following process is used for the granting of Alumni Status:

Granting of Alumni Status

Alumni status can be given to an individual who is no longer affiliated with an institution that was a member in good standing. Granting of Alumni status is recognition for service to ACBSP and provides an opportunity for individuals to remain informed and involved in ACBSP activities.

Nomination for Alumni status is initiated by one of the ACBSP boards of commissioners with presentation of the name and qualifications to the Board of Directors. Alumni status may be granted as a precursor to Emeritus member status but this is not typical.

The following are the benefits of Alumni Status as approved:

Benefits of Alumni Status

Alumni shall be granted the following rights and privileges:

    • Alumni may be a voting member of any committee, taskforce, site visit team or any other similarly acting body within ACBSP but none that are governing bodies. Any decision by these entities will be ultimately be reviewed by governing body for final action before becoming policy of ACBSP or the regional council. ACBSP strongly urges all regional councils to adopt similar policies.
    • Alumni may attend any ACBSP Annual Conference, seminar, workshop or similar event at a member rate regardless of their affiliation on non-affiliation with a member or non-member institution. ACBSP strongly encourages all regional councils to grant attendance privileges to any regional conference or meeting on the same basis.
    • Alumni are invited to participate on any committee, board, taskforce, or site visit team. Regional status for consideration of such appointments shall be linked to the geographical location of the educational institution from which the Alum last served and will not be linked to actual residence location during retirement.
    • Alumni are strongly urged to use their designation and time as Alumni to serve as a mentor, consultant, and actively recruit members.
    • Alumni will be granted access to ACBSP Gateway and receipt of all ACBSP publications.

If you are interested in securing Alumni Status or would like to nominate someone to be recognized, please contact ACBSP Executive Director, Jeffrey Alderman,, 913-339-9356.

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