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Presenter at #ACBSP2015

This year, the Global Conference Forum exists as a somewhat separate event that runs concurrently with the Accreditation Forum.

The theme for this year’s Global Conference is Global Collaboration: Reducing the Distance Through Innovation. The theme focuses on preparing students for international success through innovative collaborative solutions and new forms of global business management- virtual/multi-forms. The requirement for international experience has substantially expanded over the last decade. Most businesses are now actually or virtually global through their ecommerce presence. More businesses of all sizes, whether domestic or international, are now operating with team members located all over the world, collaborating virtually thanks to new digital tools. This new paradigm means that not only will all business students need to understand global business, they will also need to do it more directly and concretely - while experiencing first-hand the international collaboration requirements.

In addition to the theme track, the Global Conference also has the Accreditation Standards and Criteria Track

This track features ACBSP Members who will present on the concepts of the ACBSP Accreditation Standards and Criteria, which are modeled after the Baldrige National Quality Program, Education Criteria for Performance Excellence. The standards and criteria present the leading edge of validated management practices that have proven to work in high-performing institutions of higher education to plan, perform, evaluate and measure results for institutional learning and sustainability. The six standards are:

  1. Educational Leadership
  2. Strategic Planning for Business Degree Programs
  3. Business Students and Stakeholder Satisfaction
  4. Student Learning Outcome Assessment Processes
  5. Business Faculty Focus
  6. Education Design and Delivery

What's the Difference Between the Accreditation Standards and Critria track and the Accreditation Forum?

The Accreditation Forum is more of a workshop. It's an intensive 3-day training interactive training session led by ACBSP accreditation staff and ACBSP members with accredited business programs who have developed best practices for each standard.

The Accreditation Standards and Criteria track, on the other hand, is pick-and-choose. Attendees are free to attend whichever presentations on the standards they'd like. In addition, the track can be thought of the Standards and Criteria "in action." ACBSP members may be showing how accreditation has changed their processes and student learning outcomes. Or they may tell you how a standard has been implemented at their institution.

Both the accreditation track within the Global Conference and the Accreditation Forum provide valuable knowledge on ACBSP accreditation.

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