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Evaluator Training
Presented by Diana Hallerud
June 16-17 or June 20-21

This training is geared towards an experienced evaluator seeking to update his/her skills or someone who has assisted in a campus self-study and is now interested in being a site visit evaluator. Participants will use sample ACBSP self-study documents as they become acquainted with the review process, scoring guidelines, and how to prepare comments for the feedback report.

The training session will be offered as two separate, repeat sessions. A third repeat session, in Spanish, will also be presented. See "Formación de evaluadores" below. It is only necessary to attend one session.

Both the June 16-17 and June 20-21 sessions are now sold out.

  • All day Thursday, June 16 and half-day Friday, June 17. Sold Out!
  • All day Monday, June 20 and half-day Tuesday, June 21. Sold Out!

By participating in the evaluator training workshop, you are committing to become an ACBSP Accreditation Site Visit Evaluator. This training is NOT intended for, NOR will focus on, those seeking assistance in the accreditation process. Accreditation one-on-one sessions with mentors or commissioners are held throughout the conference for those seeking assistance.

Due to space limitations and to ensure the best training experience, each session is limited to 70 registrants. A fee of $100 will be charged to cover printed training materials and the cost of two lunches. Certificates of completion will be provided for individuals who pre-register and attend the entire training. You must register for the ACBSP Conference in order to register for Evaluator Training.

Formación de evaluadores
Presentado por Wilfredo Giraldo
16-17 de Junio

Esta formación está dirigida a aquellos que han participado en la preparación del auto-estudio en su institución y ahora están interesado en ser un evaluador de visitas de campo o a evaluadores con experiencia que buscan actualizarse y mejorar sus habilidades.

Los participantes utilizarán ejemplos de documentos de auto-estudio de ACBSP, a fin de que se familiaricen con el proceso de revisión, las guías de puntuación, y en cómo preparar comentarios para el informe de retroalimentación.

Al participar en el taller de capacitación de evaluadores, se compromete a ser un Evaluador para las visitas de acreditación por ACBSP. Esta capacitación NO está orientada, ni se centrará en aquellos que buscan ayuda en el proceso de acreditación. Para los que buscan ayuda sobre acreditación, durante toda la conferencia anual se llevan a cabo sesiones individuales con los mentores o comisionados.

Debido a las limitaciones de espacio y para garantizar la mejor experiencia en este entrenamiento, cada sesión se limita a 40 participantes. Se cobra una cuota de $ 100 para cubrir los materiales de formación impresos y el costo de dos comidas. Se proporcionará certificados de participación para las personas que se pre-registren y asistan a todo el entrenamiento. Debe registrarse antes en la Conferencia Anual de ACBSP para poder inscribirse en el Entrenamiento Evaluadores

Twitter 2.0 and Periscope for Educators
Presented by Chrissann Ruehle
Pre-Conference Workshop - June 17

Learn about using Twitter and Periscope in your classrooms.

According to Pew Internet Research, more than 23% of all online U.S. adults are actively using Twitter. AdWeek reports that Periscope has rapidly grown to over ten million registered users since its market entrance in March last year. Have you wondered about getting started with these tools? These social media channels present powerful educational, professional networking and research opportunities for educators. In this workshop, we will take a hands-on approach to setting up your profiles to maximize your online presence, identifying thought leaders to follow and connect with, determining what content to post, and implementing productivity measures to use these channels to their fullest potential. Further, we will discuss social media management tools like an editorial calendar, Twitter lists, and hashtags to organize your social media posts.

This workshop is targeted towards educators that are looking to advance in their knowledge and expertise in this channels as well as professionals that are just starting out in social media.

Participants should plan on bringing their mobile devices to this event as it will be an interactive, hands-on workshop. Two weeks prior to the event, we will send an email with step-by-step instructions for setting up and installing the Twitter and Periscope apps.

Registration is available to anyone registered for the ACBSP Conference for an additional fee of $75.

Assessment of Student Learning: Been There and Done That — Now What?
Presented by Janice Stoudemire
Pre-Conference Workshop - June 17

Sometimes we get so caught up in the assessment of student learning that we view it as a “To Do” list item and not as a process that ensures continuous improvement. Ever wonder what you have learned from the assessment and whether or not you are using the results in a meaningful way? This workshop will provide you with the tools to “self-assess” your current SLO process and determine what improvements are needed to make it manageable and meaningful. In addition, the “closing the loop” process will be addressed.

Not only is this workshop perfect for anyone who has completed several cycles of the assessment process, but it is also geared towards those just starting out, by providing examples of best practices in assessment of student learning throughout the workshop.

Attendees will receive an email two weeks before the workshop requesting materials to bring regarding their current assessment process that will be used during the training.

Registration is available to anyone registered for the ACBSP Conference for an additional fee of $75.

Special Focus Track: Going Beyond Accreditation

Thought Leader Session - ACBSP Resources to Engage Business and Industry
Presented by
Gina Fantasia, Associate Dean, School of Business at Fairmont State University
Judy Bullock, Dean, School of Business at American InterContinental University
Akash Dania, Director, Graduate Programs at Alcorn State University
Ali Nazemi, Professor and Department Chair at Roanoke College

ACBSP provides resources for members to help ensure that the needs of students and employers are met through quality business education programs. During this session, members of the Business and Industry Relations Committee will provide valuable information for member institutions pertaining to two resources:

  • The Skills Gap Survey is a free tool available to members that identifies expectations of the local business community and/or employers of graduates of the business school and assesses the skill gaps in business essential areas such as critical thinking, interpersonal communications, and technical/general knowledge. The survey serves as a starting point for developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to ensure the long-term viability of the relationship between member institutions and their regional business community.
  • The Business Advisory Committee Resource Kit provides members with valuable information on formation and administration of a Business Advisory Committee (BAC). BACs play a valuable role in support of an institution’s business programs. The Resource Kit highlights key considerations that should be addressed as you create or revamp a BAC, and a wealth of sample documents from those who have been operating dynamic and highly effective BACs.

No additional registration is needed to attend this thought leader session. An associated, optional networking dinner (see below) may be attended for an additional fee.

Networking Dinners
June 17 and June 18

Networking dinners offer an opportunity to join other attendees to share experiences in a social atmosphere. The cost is $75 per dinner, and includes host beverages during the reception prior to dinner, dinner, gratuity, and taxes. Registration is limited to 50 participants for each dinner.

New and Aspiring Deans - Friday, June 17:
This dinner is for those interested in learning pathways to becoming a dean and those new to the position, however attendance is open to anyone, including veterans who can share their experiences.

Networking Dinner — Going Beyond Accreditation: ACBSP Resources to Engage Business and Industry - Saturday, June 18:
This Networking Dinner will be an opportunity to continue discussions started during the various sessions that were part of the special focus track on Going Beyond Accreditation. Presenters from the Thought Leader Session — ACBSP Resources to Engage Business and Industry will serve as moderators for networking during host beverages, discussions over dinner, and a facilitated group discussion that follows.


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