The Business of Branding: Share Best Practices for Marketing Your Business School or Program

Poster Session at ACBSP Conference 2017

The ACBSP Marketing Committee is offering an opportunity for ACBSP members to highlight "Best Practices" in marketing your business school and/or programs, providing results on ways in which these efforts impacted outcomes in terms of generating new students, retaining existing students, or creating greater awareness of your business programs. In creating your posters, the Committee would like you to address how your ACBSP membership, candidacy or accreditation was integrated into the marketing efforts and possibly applied at other ACBSP schools.

Creative Ideas

Submission Format:

Poster session proposals are limited to an abstract only with the following information.

  • Title
  • Author(s) name, Institution
  • Abstract not to exceed 300 words that briefly address the following topics:
    • How was this marketing effort created?
    • Was the marketing effort spearheaded by faculty or staff?
    • How long has this marketing effort been in place?
    • Was there a specific target audience?
      (Undergrads, Grads, Foreign Institutions)
    • Was this an integrated marketing effort, utilizing social media?
    • How have you measured the results of this marketing initiative?
    • How successful were your outcomes in achieving specific goals?

If citations are essential to the abstract, up to five APA formatted references may be included.

Selection Criteria:

Poster session proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Is the title accurate, broadly descriptive and inviting?
  2. Is the description of the marketing initiative clear and measurable?
  3. Can the practice or approach be generalized to other ACBSP institutions?
  4. Is the abstract well written in APA format?

Submission Guidelines:

Format the poster in APA format. Submit your poster abstract to Melinda Dorning, ACBSP Director of Marketing and Communications,, by May 15, 2017. Be sure the abstract does not exceed the maximum length of 300 words and no more than five references (if needed).

A maximum of 30 posters will be accepted for ACBSP Conference 2017. The winning entries will be notified by email no later than May 15. The poster session will be part of the Sunday afternoon concurrent sessions.

Poster Preparation:

  • Posters are to be a maximum of 42" wide by 42" tall.
  • Posters should be printed on standard or heavyweight paper and may be laminated or vinyl. Do not use tri-fold systems, tag board, foam board, cardboard or other materials that cannot be hung with conventional push pins.
  • Posters are meant to be conversation starters and reference sources. Images, graphs, and short, bulleted lists will garner attention and direct discussion. Less is more when it comes to posters!


Contact Melinda Dorning at or 913.339.9356.